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Luxury inside a restored locomotive

Great Northern 441 is unlike any resort you’ll find in Glacier National Park – or anywhere else!

Outside, this historic locomotive represents the Great Northern diesels that once rolled past the Izaak Walton Inn every day.

Inside, it’s a warm, rustic refuge for two couples or a small family, with luxury and amenities unsurpassed anywhere in the Glacier Park area.

  Kitchen of Great Northern 441
Take the Guided Tour

Take the guided tour!

9 Amazing Facts about GN 441


Great Northern 441 is the only locomotive in the world you can rent as a lodge.


The woman who designed GN 441’s interior was once a locomotive mechanic.


GN 441’s original number was 1910 – by sheer coincidence, the year Glacier National Park was established.


How big is BIG? GN 441 is 10 feet wide, 15 feet high, 67 feet long, and weighed 195 tons when built.


Top this, Jillian Michaels! GN 441 lost about 150,000 pounds when it was converted to a lodge.


So you think your car’s V6 is powerful? GN 441 had a 3,600 horsepower V20 diesel engine with 645 cubic inches (10.6 liters) per cylinder, for a total displacement of 12,900 cubic inches (211 liters).


Don’t try this with your car. This locomotive ran hundreds of miles a day for 30 years, hauling several thousand tons of freight train.


GN 441 was the first locomotive in 40 years to be painted in Great Northern’s stunning “Big Sky Blue” paint scheme.


How efficient is a railroad? Lifting GN 441 onto its track cost more than moving it 1,746 miles from Iowa to Montana.

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